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Personal Coaching

Make peace with your past, get clarity about your highest potential and create the actions that will take you there.

Relationship Coaching

Dive deep into your partnership, resolve old grievances and grow together towards excitement, meaning and passion.

 Jon Handelman

Life Coach, Teacher, Community Builder

For over a decade, Jon has helped empower and inspire thousands of people to make the most of their lives through personal coaching and group workshops. His commitment to growth, deep care of community and profoundly effective methods of transformation have made him the #1 life coach in Asheville NC 

"Jon is so patient and so present in his sessions, full of heart and concentration. He lives what he teaches and embodies the humble understanding that we're all in this together. He has helped me change my life, and I am so grateful to him."

Chardin Dietrich

Owner of Smart Feller Tree Works

"With clarity and a genuine commitment to helping others reach their potential in life, Jon is a fantastic catalyst for personal growth."

Jiveny Blaire-West

Author and Public speaker

"Jon holds an incredible space that helps create an organic unfolding of whatever truly wants to be expressed through his special mix of strength and receptivity."

Eileen Keller

Yoga Instructor


Awakening Harmony

A powerful 3 day event with an extraordinary group of facilitators that will enliven your spirit and strengthen your heart. Awakening Harmony focuses on profound growth and deep connection through movement, song, ceremony and more.

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