For over a decade, Jon has coached, taught, and inspired people all around the world. With a passionate presence, a variety of exciting tools and methods, and a deep understanding of how to thrive emotionally, physically and financially, working withim will energize your life as you soar to your full potential. 

Jon teaches classes and workshops on empowerment, goal setting, forgiveness, emotional fluency, vocal expression and trauma at various  institutions, gatherings, and festivals around the world. He has trained school teachers on how to build more meaningful connections with their students and facilitates weekly men’s groups. He also runs an all gender all ages free frisbee league to promote healthy living, cooperation, and community building.

Jon has a business degree from Concordia University, and has completed trainings in Coaching for Transformation, Non-Violent Communication, Robbins-Madanes Training, NLP, trauma healing, and shadow work among many other disciplines. He is the co-creator of Awakening Harmony; a musical connection retreat that promotes emotional empowerment and vulnerability. He was the director of Montreal’s largest children’s day camp for 6 years and was a team building coach for high performance athletes for 5 years. 

Jon has been coaching and counseling for more than 10 years and enjoys yoga, authentic relating, music, acrobatics, gardening and woodworking. He lives in Asheville, NC and is a co-founder of Sun Song Mountain, a community land project that hosts workshops and apprenticeships on growing food, personal development and creating resilient communities. You can find out more about Sun song Mountain here.