Awakening Harmony

Overcome your fear, embrace who you are, and connect to your best self 

An event unlike any other, Awakening Harmony is a blend of music, personal growth, emotional exploration, movement, and ceremony. A 3 day an 2 night long retreat, we focus on who you are, your life path, goals, feelings, and how you really want to show up for yourself and your community. This process enlivens the spirit and helps groups and individuals move through barriers towards real understanding, connection, and community.

Co-created and facilitated with Josh Fox, L.Ac, as well as guest facilitators specializing in a range of healing modalities, The group is guided through truly profound experiences. Delicious meals, a beautiful setting, and accommodation are provided, so that we can focus on personal development, honoring our feelings, and community building.


Connect with other like minded people, your relationship with your voice, and your ultimate potential 


Learn skills and get practice in being true to who you are, and communicating your truth beautifully and effectively


Let go of everything that is no longer serving you and step into your true power

Pristine Locations

Fire Circles

Personal Growth Workshops

“Awakening Harmony is a very special kind of medicine that encourages, supports and allows you to connect with your highest self. Jon, Fox and the fellow facilitators helped me travel from trauma to trust.”

                                                                                                          – L.K. Savannah, GA

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