Group Coaching

Make your employees into a team

Group coaching takes a group of people, either a sports team or a business group and helps them optimize their ability to communicate clearly and perform effectively. Developing group cohesion that empowers everyone individually while strengthening the group’s core potential and productivity. The benefits will be felt not only through more productivity, but in a genuine feeling of camaraderie among those involved. Building an effective team is something that takes dedicated time and guidance, and yields extraordinary results

Group Coaching helps you master the balance between productivity, and genuine connection.

• Outline and perfect channels of communication

• Learn how to navigate hierarchical relationships

• Create definite and better action plans for both the     company and the employee

• Get control of and improve daily work habits 

• Understand how emotions affect the group

• Optimize group synergy 

• Master the work life balance

• Uncover and resolve hidden resentment

Being a connected team makes the difference between a productive workplace and an elite workforce.

Team building and group coaching takes teams to an elite level of performance. Similar to running drills, group coaching looks at the underlying factors that truly help a team thrive and applies timeless principles in engaging ways to ensure that the team meets their full potential.

The Process

  • Schedule a free consultation by phone. We’ll talk about your company or team, where you’re at, where you want to go, and how fast we can get there.

  • Decide what tools are appropriate for the job. These include:

           Tailor-made group workshops,

           Mediation between 2 or more parties 

           Team building challenges

  • Schedule where and when

  • Reflect on what’s working, and what can be done even better 

  • Refine and adjust accordingly, measuring our progress

  • Tools that we use:

  • Accountability: having someone there to make sure that you follow through on plans that we create

  • Encouragement: We make sure that you are feeling good about where you are going

  • Planning: We take time to make a realistic and powerful action plan towards the outcomes that you want

  • Problem solving: We look at your challenges together and come up with creative solutions that bring you to a better life, not just short term fixes 

  • Feedback: honest

  • Reflection: We assess where you’ve been and how you’re doing on your journey, taking time to focus on problem areas

  • Sessions are held in person at Jon’s office or virtually and last 75 minutes. Programs are custom designed depending on your situation, and can be weekly, biweeky, or monthly.

Group coaching gives you the very special opportunity to take the time to really know yourself deeply, find out what is important to you and what you stand for, and have your thoughts, words and actions bring those ideas to life.


Does coaching sound like the right fit for you? Book your free Discovery Session today!