Success Stories

Success Stories 


“With clarity and a genuine commitment to helping others reach their potential in life, Jon is a fantastic catalyst for personal growth.”


– Jiveny Blaire-West

Author and public speaker, Australia

“Jon brings a profound and compassionate presence to his coaching, which allows me to tap into my heart in a way that is uncommonly moving. I believe that he truly sees me, and cares about me, and gives me both the understanding and support to step into my best life.”

Rachel, Asheville NC

“Jon, you exude greatness and its contagious. Thank you for the gift that you are by showing others themselves.”

Tiffany, Nashville TN

“I met Jon while traveling solo in Colombia. The connection was instant and has remained in the years since. I am pleased to hear that Jon is turning something he is already naturally amazing at into a career for everyone to benefit, not just those he comes into contact with like me. He really knows how to listen, understand, and offer exceptional advice moving forward. Not to mention the smiles and laughs to accompany. I highly recommend this man, as he will help to shed a new light on any obstacles in life you may be facing.”  

Genevieve, San Francisco CA

“Jon has a way of drawing out the best in the people around him. Working with Jon, I’ve learned how to move outside of my own defenses and get past peoples’ guard to make meaningful connections. I’ve become a more confident, adventurous and trusting person”.

Andy, Montreal, QC

“Jon carries a mystical combination of deep earnest interest in the challenges facing us as individuals and a collective society married to a light, playfulness that allows passage into those murky waters without fear of losing our inherent joy in the process. I trust him as an ally to walk into the deepest chasms of my self and place in the natural order of things.”

Macon, Asheville NC 

“The problem with therapists and life coaches is that many don’t have the life experience to be in any position to give advice to others. Most of our needs, wants, motivations, fears, apprehension, and resistance is not explained by modern psychology nor can be understood academically. One must experience life to understand life, and to give advice as a coach on life. Jon’s life experiences are far beyond what most people can imagine and this puts him in a very good position to offer life coaching advice and guidance. He has insights and awareness that are rare and unique and can make all the difference in your success and happiness.”

Kamran, Baltimore MD

“Jon and I initially met as were colleagues one summer. I have always felt at ease speaking with him whether it be personal or professional. He has a special way of looking at situations with a clear perspective and giving you advice on how to tackle difficult situations. He does so without bias and a non-judgmental mindset.”

Stacy, Montreal​, QC

“You’re a miracle of life Jon. You transformed my mind and heart from despair to happiness. What a blessing.”

Tiffanie, Fort Lauderdale FL

“Jon is one of the most inspirational people I know. Simply by being himself he invites others to connect with their own passion and aliveness in a truly authentic way. I couldn’t recommend Jon more highly for people looking to make positive change in their world.”

Justin, Ithaca NY

“Jon makes for an incredible life coach because he remains curious and let’s that guide him. With his curiosity alive, his acceptance of the other is ever-present.”

Amy, Toronto ON

“Jon is a world-class coach who I know I can always count on to get thoughtful, honest and constructive feedback on wherever I am at in life. His friendly and playful nature put me at ease right away and encouraged me to feel comfortable in sharing my journey with him. His wide variety of knowledge and unique experiences allow him to provide insights beyond the usual human capacity. With clarity and a genuine commitment to helping others reach their potential in life, Jon is a fantastic catalyst for personal growth.”

Jiveny, Melbourne VIC

“Jon is one of the most positive, engaging and fun people I’ve met. He has a natural ability to connect with people and actually engage from heart to heart. I’ve seen him address dozens of people at new age gatherings and have them join in song and laughter. Jon facilitated and invited me to the first men’s circle I’ve ever participated in and it was a truly memorable and enlightening experience. It was great to see how with his kindness he got a group of 20 men to laugh, share and connect as brothers. His strong positive energy has inspired and taught me to be better at addressing other humans with love and receptivity.” 

Naldo, San Juan PR

“Every time I see Jon, I grow. Whether it’s learning a dietary tip, exercise, personal insight, something musical or playing a silly game, Jon is constantly learning, exploring, and sharing new ideas from his eclectic travels across the world. He helped me with my diet and integrated yoga and meditation into my daily routine. On top of all that, he’s a great listener and gives great advice. My life is much better because of Jon, and I encourage yours to be too!”

Dan, Montreal, QC

“Jon Handelman has been one of the kindest, most endearing voices of reason and heart to come into my life. From a warm, graceful smiling face, this consistent being has time and time again arrived to bring joy, creativity, connection, and refection. Regardless of my day, the surrendering into one of Jon’s group activities or songs has always left my heart feeling open and body stretched, both mentally and physically. I use the word “surrender”, because so often we are riddled into shutting ourselves out from the activities we truly wish to be apart; by letting go, we have the opportunity to surrender into something we can trust in order to achieve our greatness within. Jon has a way of inviting those to open up, enjoy the process, and work towards an even greater transformation of themselves; one where we see and feel our skills recognized and highlighted, worked on and polished, as well as, acknowledged that we are always evolving if we try. If you ever have the opportunity to let this man help you, please consider doing just that. Each person that comes into Jon’s vicinity to be helped will have the chance to witness his powerful, intellectual, and compassionate way of guidance.

Gio, Eureka CA

“Jon transformed my mind and heart from despair to happiness.” – Tiffanie

“You have taught me countless life lessons, some you have taught me by example and others I have been able to learn because you have been willing to share with me openly and honestly about your difficult experiences. Your ability to provide anyone in your company with a safe space free of judgement and full of support enables those around you to view themselves honestly in a positive and realistic way. It is in part because of this that you so effectively help the people around you take action in their own lives.

Jon,  the ways in which you have positively affected me are beyond comprehension. But what you have shown me that I think is most indicative of who you are, is…and it is hard to articulate… is the effect you are able to have on people you interact with. That has been an inspiration for me and on how I live my life.” 

 Josh, Toronto ON

“Jon is a person with really amazing communication abilities. I met him in an international gathering and he was a natural leader that connected people from all around the world organizing different activities with people that spoke many different languages. The strong attraction that he has with people is because he has a naturally strong positive energy; he inspires people, encourages them and makes big changes in people´s lives with his methods and dynamic games. Jon has a perfect balance in his way of being that makes you trust him immediately right when you meet him.”

Carol, Santiago Chile

“When I first met Jon I was struck by his ability to create inclusive environments and tease out the best in people. His natural inquisitiveness in humanity leads to the calm persistence and encouragement which gives those around him the confidence to join in, to face their fears, open up and to let loose. He is a dazzling and inspiring individual who makes you feel amazing.” 

Laura, Edinburgh Scotland

“Jon is somebody so utterly filled with love and inspiration that it spills out of him and onto everybody he comes into contact with. I had the blessing of spending 2 months or so with Jon, and was continuously moved by who he was and how he interacted with the world. Never before had I meant anybody so fearless, so full of light, that it had such a profound effect on all the people around him. I went through numerous situations with Jon which drew out the fear in me, each time he allowed me to pass through it, helping me to realize everything would be fine. That it always would be. Some of the things he told me during our time together I still hear and feel in my heart. Knowing Jon is knowing that love is the ultimate power in the world, and that every single person is capable of tremendous things with this truth in their hearts. He has left an imprint on me which I carry forth to this day. Thank you Jon, for making me see how incredible we all are.”

Frankie, London England

“Jon has been and will always be a constant source of inspiration for me. When I first met him, I immediately felt the warmth, sincerity and love he exudes. He set me on a path of self-discovery through music, open-hearted discussions, and shared experiences. He encouraged me to be confident, to love myself, and to take responsibility for my feelings. Jon listens without judgement and speaks with intent from the heart. He finds what makes you unique and connects you with your soul. I am sincerely grateful to have crossed paths with Jon and experience a small bit of what he has to offer this world.” 

Caitlin, Toronto, ON

“When I was in the heap of an anxiety disorder that I was worried I would not be able to overcome, Jon helped me out so much. He shared his empowering thoughts and ideas, as well as got me to eat healthily and be active. His assistance lead to my full recovery, and a month later I lead my show choir team to a Grand Championship medal at Show Choir Canada, a national competition that we’ve never even dreamed of winning before. He was truly there for me,  helping me achieve my goals and strive for excellence that I never knew I had in me.”  

Adam, Montreal QC

“Jon is a rare breed of person. In modern society it’s easy for people to get caught up in the rat race and make decisions based on survival and progression the whole time. This competitiveness forces the vast majority of us to look to ourselves too often and to harness selfishness in many of our actions. I think Jon decided from an early age that he wanted to walk his path differently to most and seek love and happiness as goals above everything else. When I met him I didn’t think; ‘Oh my God this guy’s amazing, why can’t I be more like him, will he teach me how to live my life.’ I don’t think anybody that gets this reaction from you can help you. What I thought was; ‘Oh my God, listen to me talk to this guy, I’m interesting, I’m smiling, I’m funny.’ It’s this blast of positivity that helps you appreciate yourself and your own unique path however different it might be from Jon’s. I’m reminded of that scene in fight club where Ed Nolan says of those help groups; ‘people really listen to you instead of waiting for their turn to talk’. You know what he means when you talk to Jon.”

Ricky, London England

“Jon is one of my favorite people on the planet. Incredibly unique and loving, Jon lives from a place of joy, authenticity, compassion, creativity and adventure. He is very open, generous and inspiring, and he brings smiles and wisdom wherever he goes. If you are ready to grow and expand your comfort zone, then Jon will be there to help you on your journey. I am very grateful to have Jon as my guide, my teacher, my mentor and my friend.”

Michelle, Montreal QC

“Jon is able to peer into your soul, pull out all of the positive and inspiring feelings you have, show them to you and then fill you up with the most nourishing self-love a person can ask for. He talks the talk because he can walk the walk. There is nothing anyone can say, no weakness they can admit to that he cannot transform into a person’s greatest strength. The best part about Jon is how he makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world who matters and if you can matter that much to him, you can matter that much to yourself. He is the rainbow, all the magnificent colors that lead to you, the pot of gold. When you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that you are a miracle, that’s the power Jon has. And the best part – he wants you to be that powerful too. That is a really, really great place to be.”

Dave, Montreal QC

“Jon is one of the most caring and knowledgeable people I know. He has shared so many amazing stories and has given me such good advice that I would happily say he has helped me become the lady I am today. Hearing his traveling stories has inspired me to see more of the world and to know that money is not everything. I have learned so much from him which I still continue to use and pass in to many people that I see. Whenever I have needed someone to talk to he is always there to give me some amazing advice.”

 Abi, London England

“Jon’s enthusiastic energy encourages me to want to take on new and more difficult life challenges” – Tim

“Jon is an inspiring and amazingly compassionate person. He has an ability to see leverage points in people and give a push in the direction of authenticity and vulnerability as to connect with the deepest self and unwinding patterns of past trauma. Jon will help you find/define/cherish/nourish your perceived strengths and weaknesses and find your truest path.”

Jonah, Boston MA

“A purely Heart opening experience to be in Jon’s presence! Meeting and getting to spend some precious time with him was such a gift, in which learning and growing happened in such a natural and playful way. Always sensing his pure intentions for the benefit of all, it came so naturally to me to open and trust him. His ability to hold space and allow an organic unfolding of whatever wants to be expressed through his special mix of strength and receptivity. Thank you for always shining with immense authenticity and empathy, you really make people feel at home and easy.”

Eileen, Berlin Germany

“Every so often we sit down together and “do the Jon”. To my family and I, it means that we take a sacred time-out, look into each others’ eyes, connect our hearts and let it all flow out in a waterfall-celebration of trust and brotherly sharing. There is no bottom, no limit, no reason to hold anything back. I rarely in my life feel as listened to as in these moments. Through my own self-realization with Jon’s careful guidance and questioning, I blow away the dark clouds of confusion and uncertainty and I am often left with a life-affirming clear blue sky of clarity and motivation to live my life according to my innermost music and ideals.”

Martin, Oslo Norway

“To me, Jon is one of the most unique humans I have ever met and has provided me with endless support, knowledge and love throughout the years. He has a unique vision of the world, informed by many experiences and an inherent ability to read, connect and perceive people and situations. He is one of those people who can negotiate in a business meeting or live in the jungle for months with a giant beard that would make any man proud.  I have watched him and felt him give from this intuition, this capacity to see, evaluate, connect and love. I have watched him encourage people to truly see themselves, to achieve greatness, to express their inner truth, to challenge themselves and love themselves. To me he is a true teacher, someone who always knows what I need and want to learn before I do and the exact time and manner in which to show it to me.”  

Nichola, PertAustralia

“Having worked with Jon for a few years, I am truly grateful that I can call him a friend. The one thing over the years that has always stuck with me about Jon is how people always gravitate towards him. It’s difficult to explain how this happens. His positive aura just seems to draw people in. Whether it is because of his great story-telling, his musical talent, or his comedic savvy, crowds of people are drawn into Jon because of the positive energy that is spread to each and every person. More importantly, on a more personal, one on one level, people are drawn in to Jon because he well and truly listens to what you say, and he always offers sound, positive reflections. He treats every person equally, and is free of judgment. One conversation with him was all it would take for me to change the dynamic of my day for the better. His positive outlook on life is truly genuine and contagious.” 

Jonathan, Montreal QC


“I met Jon four years ago. Each time we see each other he brings me inspiration and is a model for me on   how to approach and create good relationships with new people. He is very open from the first moment you meet him. He never judges and  is always ready for what people can bring to him and always very aware about what he has to offer that people may need. It’s completely amazing to see the capacity that Jon has to read what all different kinds of people need and to be able to give it to them at the same time. Thank you Jon because each time life brings us together, you manage to bring out the best in me!” 

Ali, Madrid Spain

“Meeting Jon for the first time felt like re-uniting with a close friend. His warmth and compassion took me by surprise, allowing me to feel completely seen and supported in his presence. I often find myself playing the role of listener and space-holder, so to have someone else create an environment in which I feel heard and understood is a huge gift. Sincere, caring, and insightful, I always walk away from my time with Jon feeling refreshed and inspired. I feel lucky to have him in my life as a mentor, and highly recommend him to anyone wishing to enrich life with more love, laughter, and play.”

Noah, Montgomery AL

“I was feeling deeply upset about the life I had created for myself.  I didn’t want to go back. My regular life was completely void of love and connection. I stayed an extra night at the retreat location just to give myself more time to process everything I was experiencing. Jon sat with me for some time that night. He had a directness about him and a deep sincerity. He was unafraid to talk about the hard stuff, like integrating back into the world. I just felt like he was on my side. I felt less alone. I wanted to keep the connection. Also, I trusted him. He’s a little bit intense, crazy, and wild … but his heart is in this work. Self-development.  Connection. Community. I feel truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to work with such an amazing individual. Jon is fearless. He’ll go into the dark corners and spaces with you. He’s not afraid. He challenged me during coaching sessions to identify the true source of my emotional pain and scars. It didn’t happen instantly for me. But with the consistency of the work we were doing, I remember one morning was walking into the office and it just hit me as clear as day. I realized that behind my anger toward my ex-wife was something I had never truly seen or acknowledged before that moment. Rejection. At first I felt horrified to think of how much time and energy I had spent being angry and resentful. Then I sat with this realization for several days. The deeper I went with this memory and experience, the more I began to realize just how much or my own personal power I had given away to someone else. This realization helped the to reclaim something I had lost. Myself. It was empowering…to remember that I’m human again … and that I have the ability to take responsibility for my own emotions and experience. They’re not owned or controlled by anyone else. I’m not sure I would have ever reached this place of deep healing if it wasn’t for the work I was doing with Jon. For this I am eternally grateful”

Ian, Woodbridge, VA

“I met Jon at a time of my life when I was looking for people who I could relate to and feel at home with, something I was missing living in the city. Jon’s openness and willingness to get everyone involved around him immediately made me feel at home. I enjoyed our deep conversations on subjects considered taboo in society. This allowed me to feel more open with other people around me and made me think profoundly about my self in a way I had not previously done. Jon’s direct manner and willingness to help those around him was a powerful teaching and is something  I will carry with me in my life forever.”

Adrian, Sydney Australia

“Jon Handelman is a wonderful man. He is exceptionally honest, caring, empathetic, and genuine. He has an excellent grasp of what is right and good and is a great listener. He has talked me through many situations in my life, and I am grateful to be able to count on him and his good judgment at when I need it. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Daniel, Montreal QC

I met Jon when I was going through a strange and difficult period in my life at that time. I just finished my first year in law school and felt quite lost. I decided to go to law school because I wanted to learn about the ways in which one can use the law to make the world a more just and peaceful place. I wanted to be able to defend the rights of those whose voices are silenced and whose needs and rights are often, if not always, ignored. However, after spending one year at the faculty of law, I quickly realized that most were in law school for completely different reasons. Most of my classmates seemed to be motivated by greed and power. The faculty seemed to prioritize corporate interests while human rights and social justice were often put aside. That entire year, I felt out of place and seriously considered leaving the faculty. In addition to all of this, I was going through my first major break up with my first serious boyfriend. Times were quite difficult for me. I can strongly say today that Jon played a huge role in getting me back on the right track. The number of times I arrived to work early in the morning and went straight to Jon to pour my heart out are countless. I went to see Jon every time I needed to cry and express the pain and anger I felt, and every single time, Jon found a way to make me feel more empowered and confident that things will get better. Not only did he play a huge role in helping me get past my heart break, but he was probably one of the first persons that genuinely understood and recognized my reasons for being in law school. I clearly remember one day when Jon and I were talking and he stopped, looked at me and said “Victoria, promise me that you will become an ethical lawyer.” I graduated from law school in December and I will be working at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association this summer before starting bar school in August. Till this day, I confidently tell everyone that I will be an ethical lawyer. Jon not only allowed me to find the confidence to continue believing that our world, which is often so cruel and dark, must be better and will be better… but he also helped me find the confidence to genuinely believe that I can play a meaningful role in making our world more peaceful. For that I will be forever grateful.

Victoria, Montreal QC

“Jon dives in deep. Open-hearted and fully present with you, he truly gets you and what you are feeling. When Jon is working with you, he is a gentle guide who asks permission to move forward into potentially emotional territory. You open to deeper truths within you. Providing space for you to feel what is coming up, he then compassionately offers helpful suggestions and new ways of being. You leave the conversation feeling confident, supported and heard.”

Michelle, Asheville NC

“Jon was such a support for my event, to the adults and the children that attended. If anyone needed emotional support or needed to work through a challenge, Jon was present and supportive at all times. The wonderful advice is given as a gift and he is really able to create a container of trust and intimacy with whom hes working with.”

Amanda, Asheville NC

“Jon’s enthusiastic energy encourages me to want to take on new and more difficult life challenges. Whether it is focusing on developing a new business plan or just learning handstands, Jon is always there to lend support with a positive but realistic, charismatic attitude.”

Tim, Burlington ON

“When I went into my session with Jon, I felt like I had a hundred ideas swarming around my head. It was overwhelming, and I didn’t know which direction to move in.

Jon guided me through a process that helped me distill all of my ideas into an action plan that was doable, AND that I felt excited about. Now, when I look back I can see how my time with him has played out in my life in really positive ways.”

Taylor, Asheville NC

“Jon was a fantastic coach. I really enjoyed our sessions and got a lot of value and insight out of our time. I highly recommend him and his coaching.” 

Stephanie, Calgary AB

“You put so much into perspective for both of us during our sessions…I thank you for that.”

Bill and Karena, Asheville NC

“During my sessions with Jon, his jovial spirit brushed off on me. Using fascinating stories, humor, writing activities, and embodiment activities he helped me develop the confidence to chart a new course in my career. I’m now happier and more productive.”     

Alex, Asheville NC

“Thank you for finding yourself so I could find me. I’m so grateful.”

Tori, Asheville NC

“Jon is an incredibly intuitive and perceptive person. He takes his work very seriously and really, seems to be made for it. Jon is able to understand your trials and troubles but also equally understands your strengths and qualities. Putting the two together, he works with you to develop a plan to improve yourself. This isn’t a quick plan or a silver bullet, this is work, hard work but you can count on him to follow through with you. Your challenges become his as well and that is his biggest strength. I cannot say enough about him.”  

Stephen, Montreal, QC

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